“I have learnt that rest and recovery is your friend. Pushing through injuries just makes everything so much worse off and you end up needing more time off further down the line if you push through it. You only have one body, and you need to care for it because you ain’t getting a new one.”
— Courteney Lowe, professional road cyclist

pain treatment with santa rosa pain and performanceCourteney Lowe is so spot on here! The main key for anyone, athlete or average joe, is to listen to your body and take the time to recover fully before getting back to the road or work. What we want to do right now is to let you in on what to expect during your first visit to Pain and Performance Solutions. Everyone’s body works differently, so the road to recovery starts like this.

Your Injury History

When you walk through the doors at Pain and Performance Solutions, the road to recovery begins. Before we get to any Active Release Technique, Anatomy in Motion or any other form of treatment we’ll sit you down in front of our dry erase board and start a timeline. We’ll start with your year of birth up to today. We’ll ask you to think about your very first injury. Some will find it hard to remember a sprained ankle, concussion or broken bone, but it’s important to get an idea of where your injury history began. Our body’s respond to injuries and especially those injuries that go untreated differently. So, we’ll map out all the injuries from the first injury until the last.

Here’s an example of our most recent client and what he went through. Paul told us that he was experiencing an annoyance in his left ankle. When we sat down at the dry erase board, Paul told us that his first injury was a sprained ankle. The timeline helped Paul remember, that over his 40 years of life he’d sustained quite a few injuries to his left ankle. We knew at that point an Anatomy in Motion treatment might be the right way to go.

The Next Step

After we’ve mapped out your injury history, the next step in what to expect during your first visit, is to go through a series of motion and touching tests. We will have a good idea of what is ailing you during the injury timeline, so we’ll put you in several different positions. These positions will allow us to see how your body is aligned and how it’s moving. We’ll then be able to get an idea of the functionality of your ankles, pelvis, necks, shoulders and so much more by feeling the areas that have been affected due to injury.

During our client Paul’s first visit, we found that his previous ankle problems were causing his body posture to overcompensate for that. His pelvis was slightly misaligned, and his left foot was pronated slightly. We took to an Anatomy in Motion technique to help start the process of recovery. He felt a significant improvement almost immediately.

Should You Expect Pain

Honestly, pain is what you should expect during your first visit. But it’s a good pain because you should know that recovering from an injury is painful. Think about when you work out. When you work out you are expanding those muscles past their expectation point. That can be painful, but at the end of the day, that pain is making you stronger. Your first visit will be somewhat painful because we will be diagnosing the ailment and coming up with the proper treatment.

Our client Paul will tell you that he felt pain when we administered some strength stretching techniques. The good thing about Paul, and what we highly recommend is that you tell us you are feeling pain during these procedures. We only want to push you as far as you can go without hurting you further. Communication and trust are so important.

Pain and Performance Solutions and the Road to Wellness

The most important aspect about what to expect during your first visit with Pain and Performance Solutions is patience. Going into the recovery for any injury, recovery from surgery, or even the birth of a child, is patience and even trust. Our efforts will always be to get your body communicating properly with itself. Paul texted us after his first treatment and told us: “I can already feel the difference just walking to my car.” That brings a smile to our faces because all we want is to get you healthy. Being healthy brings happiness in our opinion. We’d love for you to contact us to set up your first appointment. Honestly, there’s no reason to keep living in pain when there are natural remedies available. We look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact us at (707) 636-4404 or book an appointment online.