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Booking at Santa Rosa Pain and Performance Solutions

How do I book an appointment?

Booking can be done online, phone, text, or email. The fastest and easiest for all parties is online booking (See below). If you are new to Active Release Technique, book an Initial Appointment (60 minutes long) for new clients only. Once you have completed your initial appointment and assessment, we will determine how you should follow up: either many 30 minute follow up appointments or 50 min. follow up appointments more spread out.

I would like to talk to someone before booking

Please call me and leave a message, I usually get to messages by the end of business day. If you have questions about the work that aren’t answered here or here, feel free to call me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Call 707-636-4404 to book or leave a message

Or use our online scheduling system:


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Our techniques include ART®, SFMA™, AiM, NKT, and P-DTR®. Visit our page to learn more about them.


Julian Corwin’s journey took him from Engineer to specialized body worker. Read more about how he applies his skills for you.

Case Studies

Every body is unique and so are the solutions to getting them moving like they should. Read more here.