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After years as an engineer, Julian Corwin became focused on helping people deal with soft tissue injury

About Julian Corwin

Julian Corwin graduated in 2007 from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Electrical Engineering. After a few years of working as an engineer in Santa Rosa he developed an interest in fitness and the human body. This transition from a mostly sedentary desk job to developing athleticism resulted in multiple soft tissue injuries, and eventually chronic pain in the shoulder and hip.

After looking for answers in the standard medical system – going to a sports medicine doctor, physical therapy, and chiropractic – Julian was dissatisfied with the results. None of these experts provided a root cause analysis (a standard process in engineering) or effective plans for recovery. After much research he learned about Active Release Technique, and a manual therapist trained in this technique completely resolved both areas of chronic pain. This profound change set Julian on a new career path of learning about the human body and solving chronic pain.

After six years as an engineer, Julian quit his job to begin training in Active Release Technique. To participate in ART training, one must have a “license to touch” – and the cheapest and fastest license is Massage Therapy. During this training period, Julian also certified in Strength and Conditioning from the NSCA, Neurokinetic Therapy, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Anatomy in Motion, and Proprioceptive – Deep Tendon Reflex.

Each of these techniques provides a different perspective on pain, and different method for treatment. Active Release Technique is the gold standard in muscle treatment, whereas Neurokinetic Therapy is best when a muscle is neurologically underactive or imbalanced. Since no two humans are the same, this allows every treatment session to be tailored to the needs and abilities of the patient. Some cases respond best to movement based rehab with Anatomy in Motion (as in the case of foot pain) whereas others still respond best to soft tissue release (when rehabilitating from an overuse injury or a muscle tear).


After a few years of training and seeing clients – Julian became a founding member of the Airport Health Club’s Pain and Performance Clinic. In this setting he treated a large population of health and fitness oriented clients, gave talks on various chronic pain conditions, and taught classes on movement and self-exploration of the causes of pain.

Julian’s passion for education and root cause analysis is true of most engineers – engineering is a lifelong educational and learning process. These concepts should also be true of physical therapy. However, due to limitations in our medical system and the lack of an effective incentive structure for physical therapists – patients are often left slogging through 8 weeks of PT where the therapist is instructed to work on a specific area (which often is the area of pain, not the root cause), with cookie cutter at home exercise sheets.

When the therapist and client both understand root cause, how it happened, why it causes pain, and how to treat it – recovery is surprisingly rapid. On average most clients have complete resolution of their issue in 4-5 treatments, as well as the tools and knowledge to address other potential problems should they arise.

That being said, every person is different. The 20 year old athlete, with a high level of body awareness and control might need a single treatment – whereas the 80 year old mostly sedentary individual will need 7-8, or even ongoing treatment and management. Sometimes pain is the result of multiple different causes – and each cause needs to be addressed for complete resolution.

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