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Based on a recommendation from a friend, I called Julian. I did not have knowledge of or experience with Active Release Techniques or Neurokinetic Therapy. However, I was in excruciating pain and desperate for relief. I now refer to Julian as “a miracle worker”. After just three visits, I was walking four miles, back at the gym and sleeping through the night. I am excited about my progress & look forward to running again.
Christina L

Campaign Organizer

I went to Julian, on the recommendation of my physician, to deal with a difficult, chronic problem. I felt some relief immediately, and have continued working with him resulting in a steady decrease in pain, increased range of motion, and a significant increase in activity endurance. I am very grateful for his kind, professional care, and can recommend him enthusiastically to anyone suffering from body dysfunction and/or pain.


Julian accelerated my healing process for a severe ankle inversion sprain.  Three weeks after I’d injured my ankle, it was still swollen, bruised, and painful to walk or run on.  After a short session, Julian made corrections that immediately reduced much of the pain. We went over an assortment of exercises to restore lost range of motion and he showed me how to tightly wrap the ankle with cut section of a bike tube to reduce the swelling. The adjustment and exercises set me on a quick course to full recovery. Thanks JC!
Paul J

Software Engineer

Julian is incredibly focused, intelligent and professional. If anyone can help you realign your body, he can. I recommend him without reservation.
Tom B

Solar Energy Professional

I was getting shooting pain from my ribs towards my back, I couldn’t sleep on that side of my body and had to take ibuprofen every night. In one session Julian determined the problem to be a stuck nerve, got the nerve moving again, and now I’m sleeping through the night with no medications. Julian is 100% committed to understanding how bodies work, and how problems arise, so that the ROOT CAUSE can be fixed.
Dave E


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