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Injury Recovery Case Studies

Knee issues can be treated at Santa Rosa Pain and Performance SolutionsStephen – Knee Case Study

Stephen came to me at 48, with complaints of knee pain. Every time he runs, his R knee hurts about 3 miles in. I took history and performed a movement and structural assessment via Anatomy in Motion and SFMA. We found that his structure had R side imbalance stemming from an old ankle injury – R foot was pronated, R pelvis was tilted forward – and some of the tests elicited lower back pain on the R side. No tests brought pain to the knee – we would have to make our best guess for the cause and have him run, and report back later.

We worked through a restriction in ankle movement and then moved on to challenging his gait using Anatomy in Motion. As Stephen attempted some of the motions we noticed that they were almost “missing”, but after some guidance Stephen was able to perform the motions – and afterwards noticed that his steps felt “lighter”. He was given homework to perform and to return in 1 week.

Stephen ran again and his knee still hurt, but not as badly, and much later during his run.

We discovered during the course of the next session his ability to rotate in his thorax and hip were present, and treated those as well as assigning new homework.

Next session Stephen reported no pain while running, but continued a few more sessions to try and relieve some symptoms in his neck.

migraines can be treated at Santa Rosa Pain and Performance SolutionsLauren – Case Study in Migraines

Lauren came to me at the age of 27, with complaints of migraines. The migraines were severe enough to cause nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, and more.

After discussing her injuries, her history of concussions stuck out as a probable main cause. As well as being compounded by stress: being a new mom as well as still working.

I assessed to structure, found restricted toe movement, a paradoxical breathing pattern, and hypertonicity of all muscles (a type of nervous system overcompensation).

We worked through all of these issues and released multiple muscles in the neck. She was assigned homework and came back the following week reporting 6 days without a headache. We continued with treatment weekly the spacing between her migraines improved incrementally.

Visit 1: Main complaint, migraines.

Visit 2: Reports 6 days no migraines

Visit 3: No Migraines since visit 2

Visit 4: Still no Migraines

Visit 5: 1 Minor migraines halted with medication

Soon after we began extending her visits by 2-3 weeks, 4 weeks, and eventually 5 weeks. Lauren continues to improve and could likely be migraine free for many months or more, but because her quality of life has improved so drastically she prefers to receive treatment once every 5 weeks!

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