If you’ve come to this blog post looking to gather more information about a Physical Therapy to help manage pain, then we believe you’ll look no further. One type of physical therapy we specialize in at Pain and Performance Solutions, is Active Release Technique (ART). For many reasons, Active Release Technique can be your way back to a healthier mind and body.

What is Active Release Technique or ART®?

active release techniqueWhen you think of a healthy body or the healthy movements of our bodies, you should think that our bodies are in it’s correct alignment state with our muscles, tendons, bones and tissues flowing freely without obstructions. Our everyday lives though, dictate the health of our bodies. Over time and regular ‘wear’ and ‘tear’ our bodies become more and more susceptible to injury or pain. That can lead to injuries that can cause scar tissue and constant pain.

So, what is Active Release Technique? ART® works by breaking up adhered and unhealthy tissues in the body. When muscles are exposed to an unusual amount of stress the body attempts to reinforce the muscle through increasing tension and laying down collagen fibers. While these collagen fibers and tension help adapt the body to the specific stress it is being exposed to (typing at a keyboard all day for example) these adaptations may prevent proper tissue movement (resulting in carpal tunnel symptoms). Through a combination of pressure and tension by the practitioner and movement (usually active) on the part of the client, these collagen fibers and scar tissue are broken up – restoring normal range of motion and blood flow – restoring pain free movement, endurance, and strength.

How can ART® Help?

Our bodies work differently, so there are a vast number of ailments that ART® can help with. For example, some of the problems that Active Release Technique treatments can help with are:

  • Lower back pain
  • Shin splints
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Tension headaches
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Shoulder strains, including frozen shoulder
  • Bursitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Sciatic nerve pain/sciatica

According to the Active Release Techniques website, soft tissue manipulations address several components related to scar tissue formation:

  • acute injuries, including tears or collisions that can happen during exercise or sports
  • micro-trauma, which is the gradual wear-down of tissue that’s often caused from aging and inflammation
  • hypoxia, which results from tissue not receiving enough nutrients and oxygen

What are the Expectations for Active Release Technique?

Once you’ve decided that Pain and Performance Solutions is where you want to be, you will come in for an examination to determine what is ailing your body and causing you pain. Within this first session, our therapists will use our hands and apply them to your affected areas while you are performing specific movements. This will help us determine what technique will be best suited for your specific ailments. Most of the results are felt during the first set of treatments. Our bodies work differently, but the flow of energy in each of our bodies can be interrupted which causes a lot of the discomfort. Active release technique therapy will help to get the energy flowing back to steadier and healthy levels.

ART® therapy is a deep and demanding treatment and will cause some pain. But, the therapy will only be administered to your pain tolerance. If our onset analysis warrants this type of treatment, rest assure that it’s a natural treatment and extremely beneficial.

In conclusion…

At Pain & Performance Solutions, we know that each body works differently and everyone’s ailments are all unique. Setting up that first treatment is your first step in the right direction. Active release technique treatments may not be the diagnosis that best suits you. We have several other treatments that will work for the pain and discomfort you are feeling. We’ll determine that on your first visit and first treatment. Click here to read about our other services that we may end up determining is better suited for your bodies needs. We know we can help get your body back to performing at a healthy level and pain free state. To book an appointment, you can use our online scheduling system or if you have questions and would like to talk to someone, reach out to us at (707) 646-4404.