“Coping with injuries is always difficult for athletes because all we want to do is, basically, to have our best performances unhindered.” – Ashton Eaton

how neurokinetic therapy can diagnose sports injuriesI think we all can agree that being hindered with an injury when you are an athlete is an emotional roller coaster. Everything in your mind, body and soul is screaming at you and telling you different things. The most important thing any athlete must remember is that diagnosing a sports injury is complicated. There are so many factors that go into finding the root of the injury. We believe that Neurokinetic Therapy can find the root of any injury. Below is an explanation as to how Neurokinetic therapy can help diagnose sports injuries.

What is Neurokinetic Therapy?

Before we explain how Neurokinetic Therapy can help diagnose sports injuries, we want to define what Neurokinetic therapy is. David Weinstock, co-developed the Neurokinetic Therapy technique in the mid-1980s, and has used it to treat a variety of disorders. Neurokinetic Therapy is a sophisticated form of manual therapy that combines motor control theory and manual muscle testing. The science of motor control theory states that the motor control center in the cerebellum stores all the coordination patterns of the body. It is directed by the limbic system and the cerebral cortex to not only create movement patterns (such as when a baby learns to stand), but also to create substitute movement patterns when we are injured. Neurokinetic Therapy™ restores your body back to its proper easy and graceful movement and balance.

Neurokinetic Therapy™ and Sports

Many professional sports teams are using Neurokinetic Therapy™ to keep their athletes in top performance, prevent injuries, and heal injuries fast. Many baseball players turn to Neurokinetic Therapy™ when they sustain a rotator cuff injury. For some of these pitchers, this type of therapy is used before surgery. It can help heal their injury without the need for surgery. If surgery is in order, these players will use Neurokinetic Therapy™ during their rehabilitation process.
Athletes in all shapes, sizes and forms, are turning to Neurokinetic Therapy™. There is little doubt that Neurokinetic Therapy™ can increase an athlete’s performance, the risk of injury is lowered, and it will help in the recovery of an existing ailment. Neurokinetic Therapy™ can give you the edge that may significantly increase your speed, endurance, focus, strength, balance, coordination, and accuracy when you need them most.

Diagnosing sports injuries through Neurokinetic Therapy

Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) consists of a series of specific muscle tests to determine muscle compensation patterns specific to everyone. Muscles that become painful are often tight from being overworked due to under-utilized muscles elsewhere. With the use of NKT Therapy, new motor programs are established with the use of soft tissue releases and corrective exercises to combat chronically tight muscles and lingering pain. Kinetic Therapy is an innovative approach to manually testing the muscles throughout the pain points and the linked areas of the body.

At Pain and Performance Solutions we will take you through a variety of muscle tests throughout the entire body with Neurokinetic Therapy. Light pressure is applied to the body, so we can evaluate the strength or weakness of each muscle. Revealing an inhibited muscle throughout the entire kinetic chain, will help to reveal the source of injury and the compensation mechanism responsible for pain. Our patients can expect to receive specific home exercises, so your body can reprogram faulty movement patterns following a Neurokinetic Therapy session.

Moving forward with Neurokinetic Therapy

The ability to diagnose an injury and treat it properly so an athlete can return to optimal strength isn’t an easy task. We all know athletes are chomping at the bit to get back as quickly as possible. But patience is the key. However, we believe using Neurokinetic therapy to diagnose sports injuries will help you get back to ultimate performance quicker and without set back. Understanding the way your body moves through pain and how it’s been compensating for that improper function is key to your recovery. Pain and Performance Solutions believes in NKT and would love to give set up a consultation with you, so we can learn more about your sports injury and we can explain how Neurokinetic therapy can help diagnose sports injuries in more detail.