“Goals should never be easy. They should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable.” – Michael Phelps

I think we all can agree with the greatest Olympian of all time when he talks about goals and how hard they can be to meet. His brief quote incorporates everything from, trying to be the best at your sport, the best at your job, even the best in overcoming an injury or achieving greatness elsewhere in life. Pain relief, joint mobility, energy levels, muscle tightness or weakness, sports performance, and posture can all be boosted through Anatomy in Motion (AiM) sessions. This blog post is where we want to inform you about how your entire body can benefit from Anatomy in Motion (AiM) and why setting healthy attainable goals are so important.

Let’s Talk about AiM

how your entire body can benefit for anatomy in motionThe first thing we want to talk about when explaining how your entire body can benefit from Anatomy in Motion therapy, is to let you know that this therapy will access everything. We believe that the pain you are experiencing is due to your habits, movements, and traumas over time. The way you hold yourself, your current ability to move and your pain is all part of your journey. We at Pain and Performance Solutions will take the time needed to get to know you and your entire body.

Understanding how your entire body can benefit from Anatomy in Motion treatments is our main goal. Once we get to know your history, which will consist of everything having to do with your daily movement, your physical activity level, when or if you work-out, where your pain originated from and how long you’ve been in pain. Once we get all this information from you, then we can begin the AiM process.

The next step…

After we get your history, the next step in understanding how your entire body can benefit from Anatomy in Motion therapy is through movement. We will take you through a thorough assessment which includes observing how you move, video gait analysis as well as perform specific tasks and explore your movement. These on-set movements aren’t designed to just help us treat the pain right now, these movements are a way for us to understand how your body is affected by the pain. You have told us how long you have been having pain, so we have an idea how long your body has been working improperly. These movements will help us determine how that improper movement has affected your natural body movement.

Obviously, our body doesn’t like to be in pain. This pain though forces you to abandon the proper way for your body to move. Things like bad posture, lifestyle habits, and traumas will lead your body to an unbalanced level and eventual pain. When your body begins to protect one part, it lessons the movement abilities in other joints and muscles. These lessened movement abilities will lead to compensations in other places in your body.

What’s the overall goal for AiM

Ultimately, how your entire body can benefit from Anatomy in Motion is by attempting to bring your body back to a neutral balanced place. When the body is balanced, discomfort usually starts to fade away. We do this by re-educating your body to move freely again using the full range of movements available to you without fear of pain. During these treatments, we may find it necessary to use other techniques that may include massage or the articulation of joints.

Our Goals at Pain and Performance Solutions

Setting goals is how your entire body can benefit from Anatomy in Motion. The goals we will help you set, are all revolved around how bad and how long your body has been improperly moving. The main goal for us will be to get your body back to a balanced state. There is no timetable for recovery. Our assessments and eventual treatments will all be relying on your honesty, your pain level, and how your body responds. When we use these AiM treatments we will leave no stone unturned.  We hope you have a greater sense of how your entire body can benefit from Anatomy in Motion treatments after reading this. We’d love for you to reach out to us and ask any questions you might still have. Or, if you’re ready to set up a consultation, we are ready to begin the process of getting your entire body back to its proper balance through AiM!